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Delta-8 Infused Relief Lotion


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Quality, Convenient, Discreet

How to Use Our Products

When using CBD for wounds or blisters, you may want to apply our lotion directly to the affected area rather than ingesting it. This helps create a protective barrier around the injured skin and ensure that nutrients are distributed where they are needed most.

    This is a topical cream that is good for aching joints or sore muscles. THC 8 is a powerful reliever that binds with receptors in the peripheral nervous system for relief on the spot. One gram of cream is approximately 20mg of THC 8

    Local Beeswax, MCT Oil, Scented oil and Distilled Cannabis.

    Topicals should be applied directly to the skin. Apply a thin layer of the cream, spreading evenly over the affected area. Cream should be spread gently on the skin, not smoothed or rubbed.